1. Info
    1. XMind 2012 second version (v3.3.1)
    2. Released on 2012-12-25
    3. All XMind 2012 can enjoy this update free.
    4. http://www.xmind.net/download/
  2. New features
    1. Korean language support.
    2. A per-file option is provided to enable/disable automatic revision generation.
    3. View/clear license information in License dialog.
    4. Auto update support for Windows/Mac OS X.
    5. Support directly opening a map shared on XMind.net.
  3. Bugs
    1. Some bugs that caused startup crashes on Windows.
    2. Some bugs that caused failure when uploading mindmap to XMind.net.
    3. Pressing 'Enter' key to type literal words using some input methods finishes topic title editing on Mac OS X.
    4. Subtopics missing in images when exporting to HTML/PDF/Word/etc.
    5. Extracted themes/styles can not be renamed.
    6. File hyperlink pointing to a location in local area network is regarded as a broken relative link.
    7. Dependency lines is not hidden when its predecessor/successor task is hidden by folding in Gantt chart.
    8. Hyperlink in notes causes failure of exporing to Mindjet MindManager.
    9. Icons of .xmind files are displayed as unrecognized files on Windows.
    10. Dragging a folder into XMind results into a broken link.
    11. Notes view still shows spelling errors even when spelling check is turned off in preferences.
    12. Error occurred when started creating a boundary without any topic selected in prior.
    13. 'New' dialog still shows in some cases when opening a .xmind file by double-clicking.
    14. Opens attachment/linked file in embeded Word/PPT inside Explorer on some Windows machines.
    15. Find/Replace dialog gets crowded if the topic has a long title.
    16. Debian package contains 'bad permission' files.
    17. Other minor bugs.
  4. Improvements
    1. Upgrade Eclipse to 3.8.1
    2. Re-designed 'New...' tab.
    3. Re-written 'Open Recent' menu.
    4. New look and feel of popup notifications.
    5. The speed of saving a .xmind file has been tremendously increased.
    6. Automatically recover to original state in case of failure to save a .xmind file.
    7. Ask whether to remove a broken topic hyperlink when user clicks on it.
    8. Ask what to do when user drags a local file/folder into the editor.
    9. Use native methods to open linked local files on Windows.
    10. Other minor improvements.