1. New Features
    1. New French UI
    2. New Spanish UI
    3. Home Map
    4. Overview Viewer
    5. Unlisted Sharing
    6. Fit Map & Fit Selection
    7. Insert image from clipboard
    8. Powerful Search supports Notes
    9. Brandnew Date Picker in Taskinfo
    10. Export to MS Word/PPT 2010 (Windows)
    11. New Gallery
    12. New Notification Window
  2. Fixed Bugs
    1. The insert images will disappear after special process in Windows.
    2. Failed to import FreeMind file which has the rich content in topic.
    3. Wrong result when we input the month/date information in Taskinfo
    4. Timer in Brainstorming mode will be reset when drilling down/up
    5. If two computers has different date format, Gantt View will now show tasks correctly.
    6. The relative link will be invalid if the path is deeper than two folder.
    7. Deleting the images in pop-up notes view will freeze XMind
    8. Extracted theme does not have the right setting about multiple color line.
    9. Search(Ctrl+F) feature causes XMind crash in some special cases.
    10. The insert attachments will be failed to open after special process in Windows.
    11. The customers' own markers will not show correctly if opening the map with a special process.
    12. If the local file link has space, it will invalid in the exported PDF file.
    13. Right-clicking the hyperlink icon on topic and selecting cancel hyperlink does not work.
    14. We can not open a map named by chinese via double-click.
    15. The big images in notes can not be exported to PDF(document)
    16. and more
  3. Improvements
    1. We can cancel the preview image to reduce the file size.
    2. While exporting to PDF(Map), XMind can fit the page size.
    3. Support to import more element in MindManager, such as Resources, attachments
    4. If there is an image in MindManager central topic, XMind can not import this file.
    5. Improve the feature, export to freemind
    6. Improve the feature, export to PDF(document)
    7. If the linked file/folder has . in name, the icon on topic will be not right.
    8. and more