1. Content is Confusing
    1. Why?
      1. Too much info.
      2. Poorly organized
    2. Solutions
      1. Remember that map readers are busy.
      2. Think about what info. are necessary to readers
      3. Let them get your ideas in 10s
  2. Map is Boring
    1. Why?
      1. use program's default setting
      2. normal font, color, line and etc
    2. Solutions
      1. Use colors (text, lines, shapes)
      2. Add appropriate icons/symbols and images
      3. do not go overboard
      4. Draw attention to the part you really want target audience to notice
  3. Reader may think content isn't relevant to them
    1. Why?
      1. People're busy, so once having this feeling, they'll dismiss this map
      2. Or you may distribute to the wrong guys
    2. Solutions
      1. find the right people
      2. draw them attention to right part
  4. Readers are "map shock"
    1. Why/What?
      1. readers are linear thinkers before
      2. don't explain what's the map, and why this way
    2. Solutions
      1. Ease these Luddites into the world of mind mapping
      2. Steps
        1. offer the text-based report
        2. there are some maps as the supporting elements
        3. get them used to see mind map, and then love it in future
  5. Evangelizing too much
    1. What?
      1. Mind mappers tend to be a passionate bunch
      2. mind map EVERYTHING,including grocery lists
    2. Solutions
      1. Be openly pragmatic in using mind map
      2. Let co-workers know it's one of many tools in executive toolbox
      3. Of course, it's not a panacea for everything