1. Beta: 2012-11-30
  2. Bugs
    1. Failed to export to Mindjet if there is hyperlink in notes.
    2. Not recognize the local file path to local server
    3. Dragging a folder into XMind results a broken attachment.
    4. Collapsing a task in Gantt Chart, its dependency link is not hide.
    5. Find/Replace will be not good if workbook/sheet's name too long.
    6. Double-clicking to open an .xmind file still has a new dialog after launching xmind.
    7. If the targetted topic is deleted, clicking previous topic link will offer option to cancel this topic link.
    8. Extracted theme/style can not be renamed.
    9. Error happened when uploading a map which has a special style hasing no id.
    10. Selecting no topic, click Ctrl+B, and click blank place on map will cause NullPointerException
    11. Spellcheck still works in notes view even be disabled.
    12. Images in HTML exported file does not have any subtopics.
    13. On Mac OS, while inputing asian-language(Japanese, Korean, Chinese), clicking enter will not input content.
    14. .xmind shows as an unknown file on windows.
    15. some other small bugs
  3. Improvements
    1. New Windows installer
    2. Improve the new file dialog.
    3. permission of files in ubuntu packages changed to root
    4. New way to open linked local files on Windows.
    5. .DMG has new backgroud image
    6. Dragging a file into xmind can be linked file or attachments.
    7. Improve the saving speed very much
    8. people can clear the activation in software.
    9. Korean language package
    10. some other improvements