1. Author
    1. Kipp Bodnar
    2. an Inbound Marketing Strategist
    3. co-author of The B2B Social Media Book
  2. For whom?
    1. Introductory
    2. Intermediate
    3. Advanced
  3. Content
    1. CHAPTER 1, Defining a lead
      1. A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service
      2. Online, a lead is traditionally defined as a person that completes a landing page.
      3. only email does not make them a lead for your business. Instead, view that person as a contact.
      4. Communicate with Sales team to make sure what are the key information of customer for sales and markerting, email, phone number, address, or others?
      5. The mechanics of Inbound lead generation
        1. Good points
          1. Save sales/markerers millions time
          2. let customer feel better when getting prior service
        2. Three crucial things making inbound lead generation happen
          1. Landing Pages
          2. Offer
          3. Call-to-Action (CTA)
          4. Useless, if no one see
    2. CHAPTER 2, A guide to generating leads with your website
      1. TRAFFIC to landing page
        1. Home Page
        2. Product Pages
        3. Blog
      2. Lead generation best practices
        1. Improve Position of Call-to-Action
        2. Be more Clear about What you're Offering in CTA
        3. Use Image, not just Text
        4. Use Colors that Contrast with Site Color Scheme
        5. Make CTA a Hyperlink to the Corresponding Landing Page
        6. Place CTAs on the Most Relevant Pages
        7. Add CTAs to Each Blog Post
        8. Match Headline of Landing Page to the Corresponding CTA
        9. Be More Clear About What You’re Offering on Landing Pages
        10. Improve the Form Position
        11. Keep the Form as Simple as Possible
        12. Use Images to Show Off What You’re Offering
        13. Keep the Text Concise and Easy to Scan
        14. Emphasize the Benefits of the Offer
        15. Remove Links and Navigation to Maintain Focus
        16. Create a Thank You Page that Keeps New Leads on the Site
        17. Make Sure Your Offers are Compelling
        18. Link Back to Your Site in Your Offer
        19. Create Offers for Each Phase of the Buying Cycle
        20. Be More Clear About What You’re Offering With Email Copy
    3. CHAPTER 3, Don't waste leads
      1. Lead generation isn’t the end goal. Generating revenue is the end goal.
      2. Job of Markerter
        1. Ensure the lead makes it to sales team quickly
        2. Aid the sales team in converting that lead into a customer
    4. CONCLUSION, Conclusion and Additional resources
      1. Lead Generation Rocks!
      2. The basics are just the beginning.