1. Packages
    1. XMind
      1. Open Source
    2. XMind Plus
      1. XMind
      2. More
        1. Export to Office/PDF
        2. Export to MM/Freemind
        3. Extract Theme
        4. Extract Style
        5. Gallery
        6. Map shot
        7. Map merge
      3. Price
    3. XMind Pro
      1. XMind Plus
      2. More
        1. Brainstorming
        2. Presentation
        3. Gantt View
        4. TaskInfo
        5. Security
        6. Powerful search
      3. Price
    4. XMind Subscription
      1. has all features of xmind pro
      2. Price
        1. USD79 per user per year
        2. no other plans
        3. no discount
  2. New features
    1. New business model
    2. New Gantt Chart
      1. new interface
      2. task dependency
      3. task duration
    3. Revision
    4. search content in xmind file on Mac via spotlight
    5. Spellcheck view
    6. Portrait/Landscape options in 'Page Setup' dialog
    7. Qiucklook attachment/image on Mac
  3. Improvement
    1. Eclipse 3.7.2
      1. 'Double click to open' works better and more stable
      2. Support dragging file onto XMind icon to open on Mac
    2. New save/open process
    3. new 'New Workbook' dialog
    4. New proxy settings
    5. new shortcut
    6. New 'Extract and Apply' option after extracting theme.
    7. new splash
    8. new about dialog
    9. Improved performance when auto saving
    10. Show proper error message after failure to export to PDF(map)
    11. 'Upload' changed to 'Share'
    12. while saving the preview image in xmind file, save the center position at the same time.
    13. Default format of preview image changed to PNG
    14. The Open dialog points to Documents folder when being first used, and points to last time path in future usage.
    15. drill down into a topic, the Gantt chart shows only the current map's topics.
    16. Internal browser works well on windows
    17. Map won't scroll automatically when selecting multiple elements.
    18. When opening a .xmind file using double click, no extra blank map will be open.
    19. Use platform-specific solution to open file hyperlink/attachment.
    20. Find/Replace no longer messes across editor and notes view.
    21. When closing XMind, unsaved workbooks will be asked to save one by one instead of an aggregate dialog.
    22. improve the shortcuts under Brainstorming mode
    23. many other improvements
  4. fix bugs
    1. Can't drag file into xmind as attachment on linux.
    2. Default color of Notes view is white on linux.
    3. moving multiple floating topics at the same time, they will lose relative postion.
    4. In a drilled down map, after moving the central topic and a floating topic at the same time, the central topic will be lost when drilled back up.
    5. ctrl+s can not save the file in brainstorming mode
    6. The date info in Taskinfo view does not update if always let xmind open
    7. The status of new imported map from MindManager/FreeMind is saved. User can not save it directly unless making one modification.
    8. Yes/No icons in Freemind become question mark marker after importing.
    9. If there are topic links between sheets, xmind failed to export map to PDF(document).
    10. Quotation marks in labels will cause exporting to Word/PPT fail.
    11. The suggested file name will be strange when exporting a map with a multi-line titled central topic to PDF.
    12. spell mistake in the export dialog
    13. On Windows, if setting the xmind portable as default program of .xmind files and double-clicking .xmind to open it, there will be special folder at the same level with that .xmind file.
    14. press shift key to select multiple topics, then copy and paste to another topic, the pasted topics' order is not right.
    15. some other small bugs