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Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS/iPadOS, Android and Web

  • Unlock all features
  • Always use the latest version
  • Nonstop from desktop to mobile


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  • One subscription is allowed to run on 5 Macs/PCs and 5 iOS/Android devices.
  • XMind 8 is not included.
  • Subscription automatically renews and can be cancelled anytime.


If you are a student/educator study or work for school or educational institution. We always support you a special price to get Xmind (2022) desktop and mobile version.


Team Plan

The plan is for users to enjoy mind mapping by the team. You can also manage team members, add or remove. Team use is a fresh experience, convenient, professional, and far-sighted. You and your team will do great things together with Xmind.

Get A Team Plan

NPOs / NGOs / Government

We provide special offers for NPOs, NGOs, and governmental organizations around the world. Please tell us your organization’s needs along with valid identifications, and our team will get back to you with a special pricing offer soon.


Enterprise Pricing

We provide premium service for large customers all over the world, like HPE, Europe Parliament, and Angry Birds. The volume license for enterprise serves all sizes of teams, from startups to companies with even hundreds of thousands of users. Please tell us your organization’s requirements and we’ll contact back in the first time and offer the best price.

Why should I pay?

You need a subscription plan for using Xmind in any kind of personal and business situation.

Before purchase you’re using a trial version.

It's for evaluation purposes only. Some features are inactive. And all exported images and PDFs would come with watermarks.

To use Xmind properly, you should pay.

You don't need to download another app. We'll unlock all features immediately after your first purchase. All plans are per user. You can use Xmind on up to 5 Mac/PCs and 5 iOS/Android devices.

Why choose subscription rather than a life-time license?

We wish you always use the latest version and keep us out of supporting every single history release. It's a big deal to keep our team small, but agile and committed. We believe the subscription mode is the future for all independent software vendors.

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